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Hope for 2014 – Blessings to you and yours!

Posted on 30 December 2013

  Written by:  Scott Cooper   To follow is the New Years Greeting we sent to family and friends! It truly is hard to believe that in 2 days we begin a new year.  Suzy, Robert, David and I sincerely hope you and yours had a great year.  For our family, 2013 was a year […] Continue Reading

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National Security

Ryan Mauro Shares Top 5 National Security Threats of 2014

Posted on 28 December 2013

Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project shares top 5 National Security Threats of 2014 CLICK HERE Continue Reading

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Politics, Tea Party

Mark Levin’s Forth Coming Book

Posted on 30 July 2013

Shared by:  Scott Cooper   This book, TheLiberty Amendments, which comes out in a couple weeks will be required reading for all Conservative Americans – and then we must begin the work of building our STATE Legislatures.  Please take 30 Minutes to listen to Mark talk about it:  Updated in the Fall of 2013: Shortly after […] Continue Reading

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National Security, Tea Party

The Threat of an EMP is Real.

Posted on 15 January 2013

Shared by:  Scott Cooper To follow is a presentation Henry Cooper, Chairman of High Frontier, and my father, gave on Electro Magnetic Pulse at the South Carolina Tea Party Patriots Convention in January 2013.  Much has taken place with the EMP Coalition in 2013.  Please click here to get the year end update from High […] Continue Reading

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Happy Birthday Winston Churchill – You Are Still An Inspiration!

Posted on 30 November 2012

Written by: Scott Cooper   In the early 1930’s, Winston Churchill lost his seat in Parliament, and was largely unpopular because he warned of future troubles England would face if they failed to address the growing threat of Nazism in Germany.  Political Leadership ridiculed him, because they were still recovering from WWI, and they did […] Continue Reading

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History, National Security

Winston Churchill Predicted Islamist Terrorism on West

Posted on 30 November 2012

Shared by: Scott Cooper This morning on Fox and friends, author James C. Humes was interviewed about his new book “Churchill, The Prophetic Statesman.”  In the interview it is evident that Winston Churchill knew long before today that the west would be at war with Islamists. Click here to watch the interview! Continue Reading

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