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Today is The Lord’s Day – EA Feb 24, 2016

Posted on 24 February 2016 by Scott Cooper

Sabbath Rest

I feel privileged to have received the call by Suzanne Gile Mims Derrick to submit editorials to the oldest paper in South Carolina, The Edgefield Advertiser.  Overtime, those who don’t know me yet, will get to know me, but let me begin this journey by saying I am passionate about several things, to include, but not limited to: engagement in the civic arena AND ensuring we honor our Lord each week by honoring His fourth commandment to have a day of rest!

Therefore, I will start this journey with the Edgefield Advertiser by sharing something I wrote and posted to my Facebook page on Sunday February 21, the day following the Republican Presidential Primary here in South Carolina.

Today is the Lord’s Day!

Today is the day immediately following the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary – and many will be focused on those results today.  Truthfully, I would like to dig down into the county and precinct level, to see where certain candidates were the strongest – especially as we consider more important races – local, county and state wide races.

I say that, because ultimately I believe the leadership of our nation rests with the people – not the President.  And even in the counties with the largest voter turnout yesterday – some 70 % or more of eligible voters exercised their pro-choice stance by choosing NOT to participate in our electoral process for the top leadership position in our land.  So, we have a long way to go to engage the true leadership, the people. with an articulate message that will encourage majority participation in the process so many before us fought and died to bequeath to us.

Again – today is the Lord’s Day – a day of rest.
I have so many friends, good friends – friends who voted for someone other than I did yesterday – who will dive right back into politics today.  I would like to encourage each of us to take the day off.  Spend time in church.  Spend time with family.  Build the relationships that truly will get you through any storms that might be coming your way.

This morning, while reading Day 18 in Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” I read “When it comes to fellowship, size matters: “Smaller is better.”  The point was, authentic relationships take place in small groups.  I hope each of us will spend some time resting, sometime reflecting on the Lord, and some time building the relationships where we can be most authentic.

In closing, for The Edgefield Advertiser, through my own journey in Social Media, I have been talking about the importance of being strategic with our “Day of Rest” for a long time. Having spent over 20 years in Operational Management, much in 24/7 type operations, I recognize many are required to work on Sunday. I believe The Lord understands this, and is ok if you strategically pick another day!

Wishing you a fantastic #DayOfRest

May you have a blessed week!


This was the first week I was published in The Edgefield Advertiser, the longest running continues paper in South Carolina, published February 22, 2016.

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