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Interview on Fatherhood

Posted on 01 August 2016 by Scott Cooper

As a result of my four-week series on Fatherhood, I was interviewed by Bill Pickle, on American Patriot Radio.  I’d like to share that interview with you, which actually covered a wide range of issues in addition to fatherhood – to include my involvement with High Frontier, and securing our state and nation’s electric grid.

Bill is a fellow South Carolinian, who also served the state of South Carolina in Cleveland last month at the Republican National Convention.  I will be on his show again in the future, discussing other issues, to include our time together in Cleveland, the process involved in serving as a delegate, and how the Republican Party works.  There has been a resurgence of activity within the party – and 2017 is going to be an exciting time, as we think about Precinct Reorganization and supporting our Party Platform and Principles.

The articles on fatherhood, which precipitated the interview can be found by clicking on the links below:

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Fatherhood Part Four – Fatherhood and Independence

If you have comments about the editorials, please leave them at The Edgefield Advertiser website.  If you appreciate them, please share!

I hope you have a productive week!

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Fatherhood, Part Two!

Posted on 23 June 2016 by Scott Cooper

Cooper IIThis week I continue the theme that most of life’s issues are “non-respecter of person issues.”  In particular, I want to discuss being a dad vs. being a father. This is part-two of a four-part series on Fatherhood.

I believe there is a vast difference between being a dad, and being a father.

There are millions of children growing up in our country today without fathers, but they do have a dad.

Stated differently, the way the human race regenerates itself from one generation to the next is through a man and a woman choosing to engage in sexual activity which creates life.  We can watch almost any sitcom, movie, or music video and see this activity casually taking place.  This activity produces the next generation, upon which the couple may choose to work together to pass their values, goals, desires and dreams to the next generation.  That union obviously does more than simply pro-create; however pro-creating the next generation was the primary purpose of the act.

Several times since I began this column, I have written about my experiences attending an International School where some 90 nationalities were represented with less than 500 pupils.  Having lived with students from Asia, Africa, The Middle East, South America and North America I can assure you that it’s universally true that the proper pressure applied by a loving father, who is seeking the best for not only his next generation, but the generations following the one he is immediately responsible for, can have a tremendous impact on an individual. Stated differently, the absence of having a loving father applying the appropriate pressure that is best applied by a father figure can have a devastating impact on an individual, a family, multiple generations within a family, indeed an entire culture.

I believe we are witnessing in American culture the impact of millions of boys agreeing to the act of becoming dad’s, but lacking the fortitude to become men and take on the role of being fathers.  Sadly, I believe we have allowed government programs exacerbate this trend having a devastating impact on our republic as a whole, and our future. Ultimately, I believe fatherlessness is a national security issue.

I hinted at this in my April 4th column, “Things Preventing America from Becoming Great Again,” when I shared recollections from both my grandfathers, and asked you to consider joining me in prayer for the issue of fatherlessness and work ethic in our nation.

I want to reiterate that request as we come out of this weekend, dedicated to celebrating fatherhood.

This is a non-respecter of person issue.  One’s creed, race, or socio-economic status is irrelevant when the responsibility of engaging in the act of becoming a dad or demonstrating the fortitude required to become a father is considered.

This issue is so important.  Prior to reading part three next week, I hope you join the discussion when part two is posted online later this week.

To Read Fatherhood, Part One – Click Here

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Fatherhood, Part One – EA June 15, 2016

Posted on 17 June 2016 by Scott Cooper

HandsI have the privilege of sitting on a porch my great-grandfather sat on as our republic prepared for WWI. The same porch my grandfather sat on as he lived through the depression and our republic prepared for WWII.  The same porch my father sat on as he worked through the issues of the Cold War.

Today, I sit on that same porch as my generation, and the generation of my sons try to figure out a way to pay off the existing debt and unfunded liabilities our elected leaders have created for us since WWII.

With the crumbling infrastructure we face at the same time as the out of control and mis-prioritized spending – combined with the global insecurity we face, the road ahead can seem daunting.

I am, however encouraged. My son and his entrepreneurial spirit encourages me. His friends who are also entrepreneurs encourage me. His friends, and other young family members who are serving or have served in the armed services, in addition to the countless others who are serving in the armed services, also encourage me. Technology and the ability / opportunity to self-educate also encourages me. The young man I met this past Saturday in Columbia, SC who will be a junior in high school this year, who is organizing conservative groups in high schools all through-out our state encourages me.

I believe the next greatest generation is being assembled – and with the right mentorship from the middle-aged, of which I consider myself a part, and older generation, my father’s generation – I have great hope for our republic.

I also was with some folks this past weekend who were saying, “God is coming back soon,” almost as if we should take our hands off the steering wheel He charged us to steward. To those folks I say – “Let us live as if He is returning tomorrow, but work as if He isn’t returning for a thousand years!”

This is the first part of a four-part series surrounding the issue of fatherhood, which I believe is one of the most pressing issues of our day, and appropriate since this month we celebrate Fatherhood on June 19th.

I do find it interesting I wrote this on Saturday night, the night before the terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.  In this editorial, I referenced both my grandfather and my great-grandfather sitting on the porch thinking through the issues surrounding the World Wars they lived through.  There are some who believe World War III has already begun, we simply have not had our Pearl Harbor moment, yet.

I hope you have a blessed week.

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P.S.  As we reflect on this inter-generational baton race we are in, you may be interested in the article I wrote last week, as we remember the Allied invasion of Normandy.  Click Here to read that!  If you find it interesting, please leave a comment!

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