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State Legislative Solutions to Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration

Posted on 19 October 2012 by Scott Cooper

Written by: Scott Cooper


Many individuals and groups are speaking about the infiltration of Muslim Brotherhood into all levels of society in the United States of America: Media, Education, The military, and the government bureaucracy.

Some want to go beyond simply talking about the problem.  Some want to talk about Solutions.

One area where we can focus our attention is on legislative actions at the State level.  On Monday October 15, Frank Gaffney and Christopher Holton of Center for Security Policy discussed six specific legislative solutions which need to be implemented at the state level.  The flagship legislation is titled American Laws for American Courts, but it is not the only one.  There are a series of legislative initiatives which will take several years to implement.  To hear about some of them, please enjoy watching the session we held on Monday October 15, 2012 in Fredericksburg, Virginia:

Please help us let our state legislators know you want to see American Laws for American Courts passed in your state legislature by signing the petition.  Click here to sign the petition.

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