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How Paul Used His Liberty

Posted on 28 October 2014 by Scott Cooper

Paul - Free belonging to no man II

I have given a lot of thought to this recently –

Paul’s Use of His Freedom

19 Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. 20 To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win the Jews. To those under the law I became like one under the law (though I myself am not under the law), so as to win those under the law. 21 To those not having the law I became like one not having the law (though I am not free from God’s law but am under Christ’s law), so as to win those not having the law. 22 To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings.

I Corinthians 9:19-23

Paul had Freedom.  Paul had Liberty. Paul stated he was free to live his life as he saw fit – the same freedom bestowed upon us by our triune God: God the Father, God the son – Jesus Christ, and God the Holy Spirit.

Interesting – sounds like a form of government conservatives in The United States are very, very proud of and we seek passionately to defend.

Those in the conservative movement, myself included, talk a lot about Freedom and Liberty.  Paul’s letter to the Corinthians gives us pause to think about what our intentions should be with this God given / God ordained liberty.

There are those within our movement who have the “co-exist” mentality, otherwise known as the “live and let live” mentality – our liberty, our freedom is provided for us so that everything under the sun is permissible.  And it is, but Paul clearly states that while everything may be permissible, not everything is beneficial.  Paul, actually writes about that earlier in the same letter – I Corinthians 6:12-20.  He wraps up that section with vs. 20: “For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.”

If you want to read Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in its entirety, you may do so by clicking here.

At the end of the day – I think this is what separates the two factions of the Conservative movement – those who want to make everything permissible for the purpose to live and let live, to simply live our lives to the absolute fullest, enjoying all that we possibly can before going to the grave, and those who recognize that our liberty, our freedom was purchased with blood.  It was purchased at a great price.  And ultimately, that price requires a lifestyle that goes beyond simply living life to the fullest and getting all we possibly can prior to death.

Our National Independence was purchased with the blood of our Patriot forefathers.  But they indeed recognized the blood that ultimately purchased all of humanities liberty – and they were not ashamed to proclaim it.  (Romans 1:16).

Our founders wrote extensively on the importance of virtue and it being a required ingredient to the success of our republic.  Looking to their writings, I am convinced that without a resurgence of virtue – or what some are praying for, a spiritual awakening, we will never again enjoy the liberty and Independence our republic was founded upon – and for so long enjoyed.

I encourage you to review some of the writings of our early and past leaders on the importance of virtue in our society.  You may do so by clicking here!

May you and yours have a blessed week!

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  1. Jeff Says:

    I am so thankful you are addressing these issues. I wanted to share a quote with you from Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians:
    “…the afflicted conscience has no remedy against despair and eternal death except to take hold of the promise of grace offered in Christ, that is, this righteousness of faith, this passive or Christian righteousness, which says with confidence: “I do not seek active righteousness. I ought to have and perform it; but I declare that even if I did have it and perform it, I cannot trust in it or stand up before the judgment of God on the basis of it. Thus I put myself beyond all active righteousness, all righteousness of my own or of the divine Law, and I embrace only that passive righteousness which is the righteousness of grace, mercy, and forgiveness of sins.” In other words, this is the righteousness of Christ and of the Holy Spirit, which we do not perform but recieve, which we do not have but accept, when God the Father grants it to us through Christ Jesus.”

    Christian liberty is something far, far above any other sense of liberty that secular men deceptively think they have already received, thinking they are pursuing happiness through it…..a liberty they say is granted everyone unalienably by a creator they manufacture for themselves. This type of creator is not “self evident” to the Christian. These type of secular rights are not right in the sight of God. They are not righteous. They are not our ultimate righteousness….Christ is. Here is beginning of any proper contemplation in the context of the word “liberty” for the Christian. The Christian dare not ever mingle the two contradictory concepts of liberty. In our contemporary society, we are having a hard time understanding who is the horse and who is the rider. False understandings of liberty and its source are the reason for all the chaos we are subjecting ourselves to. The 238 year old experiment may be drawing to an end because of it.

    May God continue to focus your attention on these matters, equipping you with the ability to strum the right cord, resonating in meaningful ways in all your spheres of influence.

    With Kind Regards

  2. sons of liberty shirt Says:

    Hey, I like this post. I think the same.

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