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Star Spangled Sunday

Posted on 14 September 2014 by Scott Cooper







My friends, it is quite possible that you did not know that this week marks the 200th anniversary of the writing of The Star Spangled Banner.  200 years ago, we – The United States – were on the brink of losing our newly formed republic.  It seemed all hope was lost – but that generation of American’s rose to the occasion, in spite of the fact Washington DC had been taken over by those who sought the destruction of our republic.

Please take three minutes to watch this trailer –

And consider joining us for a webcast tonight, Sunday September 14th at 7 PM EST for what undoubtedly will be an inspiring evening, recounting our history of Faith, Family and Freedom – and encouraging us to face the challenges in front of us today.  

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Update 9/16/14 – Well – it’s over – and you can watch it in it’s entirety here!


Scott Cooper

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  1. Gwen Walters-Neighbors Says:

    My mother reported that this is our relative. I excell in paintings of the flag and the red, white, and blue flies in my body fabric. Question; are you by any change related to Carolyn Cooper? She’s from Charleston, my Frat Sister at FU. The old Cooper River Bridge was named for that family. Carolyn married a West Point Grad. and I love her to that new life. Carolyn was all A’s all beauty and all that for my new life; I was a freshman. As you can surmise here I love the history of our state and out nation. You are a refreshing wave over the sand that is still there regardless of the plans to destroy our shoes or toes walking there . You would like my spouse Tom. He likes history and associated with newspapers in LA. He i related to Rose ; Honey Fitz. Not the rest of them. They are filled with historical tragic events. How Rose she was all beauty and honesty full of love. That’s a story for any romantic Catholic or American. This is the best time to be able to look and reflect on the USA and all the happenings that are associated with our great nation. I can’t wait to see what the next First Family does. Wow. What a wonderful challenge to all new or older citizens. We are living in a time in history that will certainly be studied. The President Elect sure has his work waiting; all the King’s Horses and All the King’s men; ” can make America Great Again. WE can all help by loving our neighbors as ourself. That’s a difficult as making strawberry pie without the fruit. If you come to our house on the 24th I will bake my son’s favorite dish. He’s Navy and never retires from working. Dish is Cheddar Spoon Bread. I have it. Edgefield Advertiser is the best . I like Congressman Jeff Duncan also. I used to have Tray G. Lower GOP party decided to s p l i t up the upstate; we had too much say so. They cut us loose and we still enjoy the fall season with less Spartanburg fun people. I love to hear a good argument in court. Strong men in this state stand for liberty, freedom and peaceful life so all can live in harmony. That’s what I like about the south. Good hunting. My spouse was retired from the Los Angeles Times when the old hats were worn. That means the original owners were there.

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